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GRACE Road Group plans to expand its chain of restaurants with the newest being opened in Nadi on Monday.

The group opened its restaurant, Awesome Grill, in Wailoaloa, Nadi and the group believes it is now a frontrunner in the restaurant industry in Fiji.

The Grace Road Group president Daniel Kim said there were many franchise restaurants in Fiji but most of them were foreign- owned.

Mr Kim said Grace Road Group had been creating Fiji’s own independent brands one by one and had opened the Awesome Grill in Nadi as a restaurant industry frontrunner.

“From the ceilings, walls, decks to the table, counter and small accessories such as the sign for the washroom, they have all been made by our hands,” he said.

Mr Kim said delicious food and courteous staff members were essential and he was confident that Awesome Grill would be the centre of attraction of Nadi with its bright interiors.

“Just like its slogan ‘big bite with awesome people’, Awesome Grill is a restaurant that provides tasty and generous servings with awesome people who serve with laughter and kindness all day,” said Mr Kim.

According to Mr Kim, the Grace Road Group was popular for its emphasis on health and nutrition.

He said the restaurant would use its homemade special recipes to create various sauces and cream cheese for an extra flavour for the food instead of mayonnaise and ketchup.

He said at the Awesome Grill people would get the chance to taste homemade juice, fresh juice and coffee made by their experienced baristas.

“I hope that many people will experience a culture of high quality food that is much healthier and tastier for them.

“Grace Road Group will continue to create many more restaurants and restaurant brand, and will take the lead to open more branches to improve food culture all over Fiji,” he said.

Mr Kim said it was the first Awesome Grill branch to open in Wailoaloa, but other branches would soon get to experience the taste of the food.

Some of the food available at the Awesome Grill includes burgers, soup, salad, appetisers and pasta.

Grace Road Group has opened and is managing 23 restaurants including Grace Road Kitchen, Snowy House, Noodle Story, and Awesome Grill.