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Grace Road Group continues with the expansion of its restaurant business in the country.

Its most recent expansion was with the opening of its second Sunny Pizza outlet on Saturday – this time in Harbour Point in Lami.

There is one Sunny Pizza already in MidCity, Suva with another one scheduled to open in TappooCity Lautoka in the coming year.

But that’s not all for the Korean-Church owned Grace Road Group as it is now also venturing into cosmetics.

It is bringing into country Korean brand Missha and the outlet name will also be Missha. There will be one outlet in Damodar City and another one in MHCC in Suva opening very soon.

Grace Road Group President, Daniel Kim, said the reason for their expansion is they want to develop Fiji and they see Fiji as their country.

“Let’s Make Fiji Shine is our motto and we believe Fiji is the country blessed by God,” Mr Kim said.

Grace Road Group started out with rice farming in the Navua area and have today ventured out into construction, restaurant business, vegetable and fruits farming, kids clothing as well as dairy farming.

They have also started with their catering business for any occasion and their spread ranges from only finger food to full buffet catering.

The Group has leased land from the Fiji National University in Navua to operate the FNU farm there.

Mr Kim said they have changed the machines and technology for the dairy mill and they might soon start to sell Fijian made dairy products in the market.

The Group has plans to open two more Noodle Story outlets – one in the new Fiji National Provident Plaza and on in TappooCity Suva.

The company has already started packing and selling locally harvested rice which is sold in most local supermarkets already.

Mr Kim confirmed the company employs over 100 locals and around 300 Koreans.

As they continue to expand, the number is expected to increase.