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The Grace Road Group has extended its operating arm and ventured out into organic dessert.

Grace Road, a Korean Christian Church-based firm,  started off investment in Fiji with rice farming in Navua, then opened up three restaurants; in Lami, Nausori and Nadi. It has now opened a dessert outlet. It also plans to expand rice farming to other areas as well.

The newly-opened Snowy House in RB Patel Harbour Point Complex in Lami is a set to provide classical Korean desserts namely the ‘Snow’.

Grace Road Group President, Daniel Kim, said: “Grace Road Group thinks about the nature and the people.

“Snowy House’s ‘Snow’ is an original dessert that has not ever been tried before in Fiji, and it maintains its balance in both the taste and the nutrition.”

About ‘Snow’

‘Snow’ has been described as going beyond resembling the actual snow by distributing the ice flakes smoothly.

Mr Kim said: “It is blended with various kinds’ of ingredients that are so full of energy and nutrients that it can be substituted for a whole meal.”

The ingredients include many types of home-made fruit syrups, red beans, and mung beans.

“The key to the quality taste of ‘Snow’ resides in Rice,” he said.

“Supplied by the Grace Road Food Company, the organic brown rice that is blended into the ‘Snow’ upgrades the taste and nutrition.”

About ‘Rice-Cream’

Snowy House also sells home-made ice cream, called ‘Rice-cream’.

This is made from the organic rice supplied by the company, it is said to elevate the nutrition and taste of the ice cream compared to other ice-creams.

About Cookies

Home-made cookies from Snowy House are also a pioneering experiment. It is prepared from organic cassava and brown rice.

“These cookies are not only healthy, but are safe and edible desserts for consumers who have gluten allergies and atopy,” Mr Kim added.

“Through Grace Road Restaurant and Snowy House, the Grace Road Group is engaged in establishing a healthy, daily meal along with a nutritional dessert culture.”