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As a green-focused franchise that specialises in cold-pressed juice, sandwich and salad, Grace Road Group has introduced the brand Pure Green.

Grace Road Group public relations manager Grace Park said it emphasises the enjoyment of living a healthier life through healthier choice in food with its slogan, Join the Green Society.

“Among the healthier food choices that the brand emphasises, the cold-pressed juice was solely made through the extraction of raw fruits and vegetables without any water, syrup or additives added.

“The cold-pressed juice can be replaced with meals and snacks, and it also boosts the body’s digestive system to allow toxins to be eliminated; thus, it is also called, “cleansing juice” or “detox juice.”

Pure Green offers 11 different flavours of cold-pressed juice that can all be enjoyed with green salad or fresh sandwiches.

“Its main juice, the ‘Greenerge’ is made with the freshest ingredients – one of which is the bok choy that is one of the many freshly harvested fruits and vegetables grown at Grace Farm,” Ms Park said.

“Still staying true to its name, the green-focused brand also uses freshly harvested lettuce, cucumber, capsicum and tomato from Grace Farm to create its healthy and filling garden salad and sandwiches.

“Made with “purest” ingredients and homemade recipe, Pure Green provides seven delicious flavours of fresh sandwiches: chili shrimp, creamy chicken, teriyaki chicken, tuna, veggie, beef and cheese and eggplant.”

The comforting color of green within each selection of Pure Green’s menu contains chlorophyll that helps the body to regenerate new cells.

“It also stimulates the circulation of the blood within the body to allow for a brighter complexion, while speeding up the natural healing process of the body by activating the metabolism to prevent geriatric diseases and cancer.

“Furthermore, the chlorophyll absorbs toxins and other harmful components, and then removes them from the body; it also contains various effects of extending the blood vessels and relieving fatigue through beta carotene and releases waste from the lungs.”

Pure Green is open at Damodar City, Mid City and TappooCity Suva.