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The Fiji National University (FNU) has understood that in order to unleash the true potential of agriculture in the country, it is vital to get the basics right.

And therefore, in bid to continue the growth of proper agricultural farming, FNU has signed a memorandum of understanding with Grace Road Food Company (GRFC).

This MOU will serve as a platform for the university to collaborate and work together to enhance the industry.

Grace Road Food Company, a South Korean Church-based firm, has started off rice farming in the Navua area using expert techniques and different varieties.

FNU Acting Vice Chancellor, Professor Ian Rouse, said they recognised Grace Road Food Company had some fabulous facilities.

“They have a lot of technology and a lot of knowledge they can share with FNU’s Unifarm and our staff members,” he said.

The MOU that was signed yesterday at the Nasinu Campus is a general agreement to work together, share ideas, do research and have students attached working at their farm.

“That would be learning how to grow rice and learning how to run a properly-equipped greenhouse,” Professor Rouse said.

The Grace Road Food Company is ensuring its hard work invested into their farm will benefit the university.

The President Grace Road Food Company, Daniel Kim, said: “It does not matter whether it is a rainy day or a very hot day – our team is always working hard.

“We want to share with the FNU students the right spirit of hard work. And through this partnership, we are very confident we will achieve our vision for 2015.”